Ramesh Aravind’s Shivaji Surathkal goes places

Viewers are giving a thumbs up to Shivaji Surathkal, which hit theatres on February 21. Ramesh Aravind who plays the lead as investigative officer, is overwhelmed with the positive feedback he has been getting for the film and his role. Shivaji Surathkal also features Radhika Narayan and Aarohi Narayan, and is in its second week in […]

Widen the Horizon

Quite often, film fans, especially in cosmopolitan cities like Bengaluru, quiz the Sandalwood movie buff on why their films aren’t marketed and released like the other South Indian film industries. For those die-hard Kannads fans, the year 2018 is going to be remembered as one that has seen Kannada films pave their way through different corners of […]

Finally a kannada movie goes to andamans

Kannada films are going places, and this truly is an example. Sarkari Hi Pra Shaale Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai is releasing in Andaman Islands, making it the first-ever Kannada film to release in the region. Director Rishab Shetty is ecstatic as the demand for the film has led this to happen. “We have distributor Yeshas […]

Women in direct war with patriarchy today: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan

“We consider Durga as the powerful warrior goddess. When the time comes, she can even come to Shiva’s aid who is unable to destroy the asuras. But will we protect the girl on the street if her name is Durga?” He says he is not a director who can be called a “crowd puller” and his […]

S Durga is releasing nationwide on April 6

Malayalam film S Durga is slated to release on April 6, says the director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan.Since the film went through a lot of controversies earlier, when asked about his feeling on the pan-India release of the film, Sanal told IANS, “Feeling great. Now the controversy and hardships are over; it is time for people […]