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    Film entertainment is an eminent process. We partner, consult and manage entertainment businesses. Making sure entertainment is delivered on-time with our advanced techniques and solutions.

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    We are the Radicals

    Everything begins with an idea, on our path towards building sustainable solutions. We initiate ideas based on research and opportunity.

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    Where fascination meets eminence and success meets spotlights. Walk along on the red carpet with us.

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    Leisure is entertainment and content is money. We put your idle funds into use with the freedom of redeeming it at any time.



    From penning it down and clapping it into action to punching out the ticket. We do it with passion, like the two sides of the coin. From showcasing content ‘on the screens’ to managing operations ‘off the screens’.

    With a vision set in mind, we offer services in the field of production and distribution with a commitment towards a common goal.

    Engage, Evolve and Establish

    Passion underlies everything, following an opportunistic approach with proper research and pre-defined strategies allows us to expand and grow with ease.


    A set of exclusive business tools with years of research specially catered for entertainment business can never be more easy.

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