Production and Consulting

Aligned with finding talents, scripting and scouting for resources, with our assisted services and business networks. Poduction houses can scale-up projects with ease.


In-dept market analysis and various revenue generating strategies, On-time deliverance of reports, quick Payments and supervision over piracy. We ace at this..!

Marketing and

With wide visibility across all mediums, on wielding our proven strategies for production houses to help them reach more audience through targeted approach in multiple ways and on-time media planning.

and Acquisition

Earn more by planning your business with multiple avenues through non-linear sources such as localisation (regional and international), in-flight entertainment, commercial and premium showcasings.

Film Analytics and Reporting

World’s one of its kind and most advanced tools and algorithms that can track, analyze and report for every film entertainment business needs.

Legal Counselling and Advisory

Protecting good ideas and creative work from infringements of any kind. We help independent conceptualists seal those ideas and help them scale while consulting production houses to seal all kinds of business contracts.

Advertising and Brand Solutions

Specialised Ad spaces for brands that are looking for readily available marketing partnerships with insights and exclusive access across all cross platforms.

Partnered Solutions and Packagaes

Save budgets, Automate process and Hire talented individuals to meet all your cinema needs.
Partner with us today

With our expertise in business, we were able to deliver industry driven results having huge growth on revenue and positive impact on the sector .


For the business needs of today

All the years in business of films led us to the foundation of new ideas and strategies to provide industry driven results with maximum revenue. An opportunistic approach is all it took for us to make new partnerships for higher business goals.

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Market Capture Ratio in 2018 and 2019.

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Regions across India and New Locations explored for distribution.

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Over 2 million tickets sold and counting


Advertise on theatre screens

Best-in-class advertising platform to increase your brand’s presence. With our readily available strategies based on analytical data. You can now deliver the right message with high resolution video and surround audio to your audience.